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Solo Art Exhibition & Sale by Irish Artist, Vincent McAllister. June 2018

art exhibition

Solo Art Exhibition & Sale by Irish Artist, Vincent McAllister. June 2018

When and Where

I will be having a small art exhibition at the Hill of The O Neill & Ranfurly House, 26 Market Square, Dungannon, on Friday 1st – Thursday 28th June. The venue will be the 2nd Floor Exhibition Space.

Exhibition Details

The title of my art exhibition is simple “Fingerprints.” I consider this to be a very appropriate title since, just like fingerprints, no two pieces of my artwork are ever the same. I strive to make each creation unique in both technique and style.

My exhibition will include a few items from my previous “Gig N The Bann” show back in September, so here is a second chance for anyone who was unable to attend.

Looking forward to seeing you all in June.


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Dolores O’Riordan of The Cranberries by Irish Artist Vincent McAllister

Dolores O’Riordan Of  The Cranberries

Here is a commission that I’ve had the pleasure of just completing. I enjoyed this one quite a lot. It has be drawn in pencil and is sized A3.

The Cranberries have lost a star in that of Dolores O’ Riordan who was born 6th September 1971 and died 15th January 2018. She was an Irish singer, songwriter, and musician. She led The Cranberries from 1990 until their break-up in 2003; they reunited in 2009. She will be sadly missed.

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Tribute to Tom John O’Neill, Born Sleeping on 21st January 2017, by Irish Artist, Vincent McAllister

Tribute to Tom John O’Neill

Here is my last piece of artwork all wrapped up for 2017. This piece has been created in Memory of Tom John O’Neill who was Born Sleeping on 21st January 2017. It is drawn entirely in pencil. A series of photos have been brought together to create a collage that will be cherished by his parents and wider family for years to come. It is a beautiful keepsake to have.



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Several original paintings available to purchase from Irish Artist, Vincent McAllister.

Here is a selection of original paintings which are currently available to purchase. All pieces come beautifully framed (as seen in photo) and ready to hang. Free delivery within the local area. If any of these pieces catch your eye then please feel free to get in touch for further details via all the usual channels.

Facebook Messanger:

Email: [email protected]

Text/Phone/Whatsapp: 07799004983

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Belfast Art by Irish Artist Vincent McAllister


Belfast Art 2017

2017 is coming to a close and It has made me reflect on some of my projects throughout the year. The one that I’m most proud of is a body of work that I created for Ten Square Hotel in Belfast and Chimney Corner Hotel in Templepatrick. This artwork features eight individual pieces which reflect upon some of Belfast’s most prominent landmarks. They offer a colourful take on subjects such as Harland & Wolfe, Queens University and St Annes Cathedral, amongst others. All these pieces are available to purchase as very high quality fine art prints. All prints are limited edition and artist signed. If you are stuck for Christmas gift ideas then these would be ideal.


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Christmas 2017 Fine Art Prints by Irish Artist, Vincent McAllister


Christmas 2017 Fine Art Prints now available

It gives me great pleasure to release this series of exciting new prints for Christmas 2017. Why not splash out this Christmas for that special someone in your life by buying them one of these beautiful prints? If you’re unsure which print they might like then you can play it safe by getting them a gift voucher instead

. You can also visit to view a wide range of other prints available.

All prints are limited edition and signed by the artist. Framing and mounting service available on request (framing not available for orders requiring postage). Free delivery in local area.

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Vincent McAllister’s Solo Art Exhibition 2017

Gig’n The Bann Festival 2017 hosts Vincent McAllister’s First Ever Solo Art Exhibition

At the recent Gig in the Bann festival in Portglenone, Irish artist, Vincent McAllister held his first ever solo art exhibition at The Wild Duck Inn. As Vincent is a native of the local area, his art exhibition gave locals a chance to admire his array of artwork. Vincent displayed an eclectic mix of over 50 pieces of artwork painted in oils, acrylics and watercolours, as well as various sketches in pencil and pen. His art career is going from strength to strength and the high numbers of visitors to his exhibition is testament to his increasing popularity.

The subjects of the paintings were varied and his style ranged from fine art to abstract and impressionistic. Many pieces portrayed landmarks and landscapes within the local area while others featured well known personalities. Visitors were charmed by the vivid colour and diversity of the art styles on display. There was something for everyone. Vincent said “I am delighted at how my first ever exhibition has turned out. Through my art work I try to accommodate varying tastes using different styles and techniques. I enjoyed talking to all who visited the exhibition and look forward to working with many in the future to provide them with individual one off pieces of art.

Meet The Artist

Vincent McAllister is an emerging artist who was born and raised on the banks of the River Bann, just outside Portglenone, Northern Ireland. His childhood was spent absorbing the sights and sounds of the Bann Valley and from an early age he began to capture his experiences on paper and canvas. As Vincent grew so too did the breadth of his interests, resulting in a diverse range of art styles which focus on a plethora of subjects, such as wildlife, archaeology, architecture, people and places. Vincent is a mixed-media artist who isn’t restricted to a particular style or technique. He is proficient in painting in oils, acrylic and watercolours and is equally comfortable in producing illustrations and sketches with pencil and pen. Vincent’s dedicated his first ever solo art exhibition to his late father, Michael, who was a constant source of creative inspiration and encouragement.



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Irish Artist makes his mark on the Belfast art scene.

Vincent McAllister Release of Artwork in the Merchant Hotel

Irish Artist makes his mark on the Belfast art scene.

Vincent McAllister was recently commissioned by top Belfast hotel, Ten Square, to create a series of graphic artworks to adorn the walls of their newly refurbished hotel. He was tasked with creating artwork which provided a new perspective on some of Belfast’s most popular landmarks. Vincent responded with eight pieces of artwork which deliver a vibrant take on subjects such as Harland & Wolfe’s cranes, The Big Fish and Queens University. The offical launch of the artwork took place of Friday 16th at Ten Square Hotel, Belfast. The event was attended by Vincent and his wife Claire, hotel management, members of staff and a large gathering of the public.


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Paintings requiring a sense of distance/depth. Pheasants part two by Irish Artist, Vincent McAllister.

Paintings with pheasants

Using colour to create distance/depth in your paintings

Colour can create depth in your paintings when applied in the correct order and tone. The colours furthest away should be cool pastel colours, such as pale blues and mauves. Distant objects always tend to have a hint of blue. Why not test this for yourself the next time you look at a distant mountain? As you move from the background to the foreground within your paintings the colours should become progressively warmer and stronger. The placing of strong warm colours against paler colours creates contrast and depth.

Sequence used to apply colour in my pheasant painting

  1. Cool blues are firstly added to the distant sky. In addition, patches of slightly stronger blues, greys and lilacs suggest distant foliage.
  2. Pale olives, golden yellows and burnt oranges depict the low-lying distant trees (those just above the centre on the canvas). In addition, darker oranges and browns enhance the canopy overhead, therefore providing a nice contrast when the lighter tree trunks are added.
  3. Light solid colours form a base to the tree trunks with detail and shadows in dark brown placed on top. Once all light and shade is established in the trunks, final highlights are added in cream/white in addition to further detail in brown/black.
  4. A series of pale yellows, creams and oranges create the band of grass in the middle ground. This area provides a pale backdrop to allow the pheasants to stand out and to separate the busy detail of the background trees from the ferns and foliage in the foreground.
  5. Everything in front of the middle ground grass was is painted as a group, but even within this group the painting order is being followed: log first, then pheasants, then final grass detailing etc. Notice that the colours in this group of objects are the most vivid in the entire picture.

To summarise the above sequence of applying colour: start at the top of your canvas and work down and this will naturally translate to painting the furthest away features first (sky at top = cool pastel colours) and finish with the close up features last (detailed grass at bottom = vivid warm colours).

Using scale and detail to create distance/depth in your paintings

The use of different sized objects is a great way of achieving depth in a painting.  In my pheasant painting, the trees start off slender in the background and gradually increase in thickness towards the front. You will also notice that the trees far away have little to no detail while those towards the front are detail rich. The key points are to have less detail and texture in the background in addition to the use of objects which gradually increase in size. Trees are perfect for this approach. It is also important to have plenty of foreground interest. The viewer will always be encouraged to look beyond such large objects and naturally be drawn into the painting. This is where the perception of distance/depth succeeds or fails.

I hope you have all enjoyed following the progress of my pheasant painting and have picked up a few useful tips along the way. Why not have a look below at of one of my other pheasant paintings that I finished a while back and feel free to order your signed limited-edition print today.