Vincent McAllister is a talented artist who was born and raised on the banks of the River Bann, just outside Portglenone, Northern Ireland. His childhood was spent absorbing the sights and sounds of the Bann Valley and from an early age he began to capture his experiences on paper and canvas. As Vincent grew so too did the breadth of his interests, resulting in a diverse range of art styles which focus on a plethora of subjects, such as wildlife, archaeology, architecture, people and places. In recent years Vincent has made a name for himself in the commercial world with a growing portfolio of premises that feature his artwork, ranging from themed bars, hotels and high-end residential properties.

“My artwork is the manifestation of my diverse interests and interpretations of places, people and things. When you buy my artwork you are buying a piece of my heart and soul that defines a moment in my life. You are sharing in my many hours of failures and experimentation along with moments of frustration and joy. You are buying a piece of ME”